Dorival Dourado Júnior

Mr. Dourado has served as a member of our board of directors since August 2022 and, prior to that, as a member of the board of directors of Semantix Tecnologia em Sistema de Informação S.A., our Brazilian subsidiary, since 2017. Mr. Dourado is the chair of our audit committee and compensation committee. Mr. Dourado is also a board member and member of various committees (including the compliance and risk committee, audit committee, information technology committee and innovation and strategy committee) of the financial institution Banco BMG S.A. (B3: BMGB4).Mr. Dourado is also a member of the audit committee of BMG Seguros S.A. From March 2018 to June 2020, Mr. Dourado was the Chief Executive Officer of the credit as a service company MOVA Sociedade de Empréstimo Entre Pessoas S.A. and, from June 2017 to April 2019, a member of the consulting committee for the Brazilian Fintech Association. In addition, from January 2019 to May 2021, Mr. Dourado was the Head of Innovation for the financial institution Omni S.A.—Crédito, Financiamento e Investimento (“Omni”). Since august of 2019, Mr. Dourado is a member of the consultive council of Omni. Prior to that, Mr. Dourado served as a board member of Omni group’s microfinance institution Avante.Com.Vc Soluções e Participações S.A. (March 2018 to December 2021) and was the Chief Executive Officer of Vector Inovação e Tecnologia Ltda. (December 2017 to May 2019), the investment arm of Omni group. Mr. Dourado was a co-founder of the credit bureau Boa Vista Serviços SCPC S.A., where he served as the Chief Executive Officer from 2010 to 2015 and secretary of the board of directors. In 2009 and 2010, Mr. Dourado held the position of Global Senior Vice President of Products for the credit reporting and marketing services at the Experian group (Experian PLC, LON: EXPN). From 2002 to 2010, Mr. Dourado worked for the credit reporting bureau company Serasa S.A. (Serasa Experian Brasil), where he was the Chief Information Officer and Chief Operating Officer. Prior to that, Mr. Dourado served as an advisor to the management committee of the Brazilian Public Key Infrastructure (“ICP-Brasil”), a Brazilian federal certification system, and was part of the advisory board of the Municipal Secretary for Technology and Innovation of the city of São Paulo. From 1978 to 2000, Mr. Dourado worked for the largest Brazilian publishing company, Editora Abril S.A., in several business areas, such as media, internet, cable TV, public TV, yellow pages, data base marketing, subscription, advertising and others. Mr. Dourado has a bachelor’s degree in business administration from FASP – Faculdades Associadas de São Paulo and also a certification as an Advanced Board Member from ISE/IESE Business School and IBGC (Instituto Brasileiro de Governança Corporativa).
Independent Director