Semantix’s mission is to empower organizations to optimize their data journeys by providing a data-centric platform to accelerate digital transformation and enhance business performance through seamless, low-code and low-touch data analytics solutions. Semantix’s proprietary data software is designed to allow customers to access data from any source and develop appropriate analytics to meet their industry and business needs. Semantix’s portfolio of products enables companies to commence their data lifecycle with simple solutions that can be later scaled-up and tailored with the objective of satisfying specific analytic demands and business circumstances.

Founded in 2010, with operations across Latin America and an emerging presence in the United States, Semantix offers proprietary SaaS data solutions and third-party software licenses together with highly complementary AI and data analytics services designed to enable companies to manage data effectively. Semantix’s software solutions aim to extract business insights and apply AI automation for Semantix’s customers across their business processes, with Semantix serving over 300 companies across a broad range of sectors, including finance, retail, telecommunications, healthcare, industrials and agribusiness, among others, with a varied client portfolio of all sizes, from small businesses to large enterprises.

Semantix embraces a data-driven world where companies can harness the use of data to unlock insights for their businesses to improve efficiency and profitability. In furtherance of this vision, Semantix pioneered the data cloud category in Latin America and seeks to replicate this early success globally by offering build to suit data solutions that allow organizations to unify and connect to a single copy of all of their data effortlessly and securely. These data solutions eliminate silos and inefficiencies created by data storage in various cloud formats and on-premise data centers.